Monday, 1 September 2014

Back On The Horse

And I'm back, almost a year to the day since my last writing blog post. This time twelve months ago, my closest friend and "confidante" had just passed away from cancer. It was one of the lowest points of my entire life especially as it was my third major bereavement in six years and felt like the last straw of many last straws.

I hadn't been in a great place with my writing for a while, as you can probably tell from that post and I had pretty much decided that after 18 years or so, writing as a "profession" was no longer for me. I had decided just to think of writing as a "hobby" and concentrate on my new career as a crafter, designer and scrapbooker instead.

Well, here I am a year on and feeling much better about everything, I'm very pleased to say. Ironically, I found that once I'd taken the pressure off myself by only thinking of writing as a "hobby", I got more writing done than I had in ages! Then, once I began to feel better and the grieving process had moved on, I found myself writing consistently again and a couple of months ago decided it was time to get "back on the horse" and add writing to my portfolio career again.

This time round, I'm concentrating on writing non-fiction books and have a very exciting (and rather scary!) project in the pipeline with a definite link to Downton Abbey! I will reveal more in a future post. The jury is still out on whether or not I return to writing fiction for children but I'm still writing poetry and am in the process of putting together my first collection of "adult" poems.

So, a lot can happen in twelve months and I am pretty excited about what the next twelve months will hold for me. I hope they are good for you, too.

"Always remembered, never forgotten."

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