Saturday, 18 December 2021

So This Is Christmas

Hi everyone.

So this is Christmas, as someone once sang. Well, almost anyway. This time next week you will probably be knee-deep in non-recyclable wrapping paper, planning that detox diet for January after one Brussel sprout too many and wondering if you can possibly face watching The Sound of Music with your Auntie Pat for the 27th Christmas in a row.

Of course, you might not be doing any of these things if a)You don’t celebrate Christmas b)You try to ignore Christmas c)Christmas has been cancelled or at least severely curtailed (yet again) following the worrying impact of the omnipotent omicron variant rearing its ugly head. Do viruses have heads? I should have paid more attention in Biology at school.

Anyway, whether Christmas in your household is a chore, a bore or a wonderful furore, I hope you have a Happy One. Stay safe, stay at home (for as much as you can manage) and stay away from those pesky roast parsnips. They must be the most disappointing vegetable in the world.

Melissa x