Sunday, 26 April 2020

Rainbow Collage Craft

Hi everyone.

We need rainbows more than ever at the moment, don't we? There is something about their bright colours, their simple shape and their symbolism of hope which is perfect for these scary times. So it's no surprise really that the rainbow seems to have become the agreed artistic symbol of the fightback against the coronavirus pandemic and I've certainly enjoyed looking at the various rainbow artwork that has appeared in windows, doors and on driveways when I've been talking my regular walks around the area where I live.

Coronavirus Rainbow, March 31 2020.
Photo Credit: CC (themostinept )

Here are three things you might not know about rainbows:

1. The word 'rainbow' comes from two Old English words 'regn' and 'boga' meaning 'rain' and 'bow'.

2. Although rainbows feature a lot in ancient literature and religious mythology, no one knew what they were until the 17th century.

3. Because rainbows don't actually exist (sorry!) and are just a "virtual image" of the sun, in theory we all see a different rainbow.

There are more fascinating facts and information about rainbows in this article if you are interested in finding out more about them.

Well, I've seen enough lovely rainbows recently, both in the sky and on the street, to feel inspired to create some rainbow artwork of my own and this is a piece of digital art that I designed from a greetings card I bought at my local shops just before lockdown.

Rainbow Wall Art
Final Image Design by Melissa Lawrence

I've also created a rainbow collage sheet which is now available to download from my Etsy shop. You can print it out as many times as you like and use it for cardmaking, collages, window art or whatever you fancy. It's great for crafting with kids, too.

Rainbow Collage Sheet
Final Image Design by Melissa Lawrence

And here are a couple of  sample cards I made using some of the elements from the collage sheet.

Sample Rainbow Cards by Melissa Lawrence

Also, there are some great ideas online for doing rainbow collage art with kids if you are looking for things to keep them busy and creative at the moment. Here is just one example I found for you:

Anyway, I do hope that you are managing to stay safe and well at the moment and please, don't give up on chasing your own metaphorical rainbows, however hard it seems the moment. We will get there in the end.

Stay creative!

Melissa x

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