Sunday, 12 September 2021

Never Give Up

Hi everyone.

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted. Where has this year gone? I know that September is often referred to as the new January but I didn't mean to miss out on half the year! 

I won't deny that it has been a frustrating few months and I guess I'm not alone in feeling that. Since the start of the pandemic, everything seems to be taking far longer to achieve and no one seems to be really on top of things any more. Add to that the anxiety and uncertainty about the future and it does feel at times like it would be a lot easier to just curl up on the sofa and watch Netflix until about 2027.

But when it is something you really feel you just have to keep going with, the amount of strength and energy you need to galvanise yourself can be really exhausting and debilitating. Self-care tends to go out of the window but actually, as I know only too well, that is when you really need it the most.

And when things do take a turn for the better, it is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. On the day that my energy company finally decided that after a seven month battle with them, I didn't owe them over £1800 but instead they owed me over £1100, it felt like I'd won the lottery. 

Then, when after a six month wait, I was finally given the go-ahead to contact the potential copyright holders whose permission I need to be able to publish the book of letters to my grandmother by her close friend Ethel North, it was another momentous moment. 

So right now, if you are feeling like giving up on something that deep down you really don't want to, then my advice would be to just hang on a little bit longer. You never know just how close you might be to finally succeeding in your goal. After all, as someone much wiser than me once said, "Success is on the other side of failure." 

Take care,

Melissa x   


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