Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Legend In My Own Lunchtime

I was really pleased to get a phone call from Take A Break magazine last Friday saying that they want to use a piece I sent in on their letters page in the next couple of weeks. The item was originally intended for their "Magic Moments" slot but that has apparently been discontinued. (A shame as it paid £150 for about 250 words which even with my lack of mathematical prowess seems like a good deal.)

Anyway, the piece was about a rock and roll concert that myself and some other teachers put on to entertain our pupils during the lunch hour when I was teaching back in the late 1980s. It involved, in my case, dressing up like Suzi Quatro in black leather and playing the bass guitar. (If you want to see what I looked like, you'll have to buy the magazine!)

I've always felt it was a good "story" as the whole event was a bit like Beatlemania, with forged tickets, one pupil falling through a skylight and breaking his ankle and staff and students alike, dancing in the aisles, then having to go back to classes in the afternoon.

I called the piece "A Legend In My Own Lunchtime" and I sold a different version of it to the (now defunct) Annabel magazine many years ago. It just goes to show that you should never give up on a strong idea, however long you've had it, as you may be able to "re-cycle" it for another market. In fact I'm just off to see if I can get a short story for Woman's Weekly out of it now!  



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