Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Writing Distractions

The other week it was the snooker, now it's the cricket and the French Open tennis. I'm talking about the things that distract me from getting down to writing.

Although I love "having written", it is the actual writing bit that can be a problem. I often wonder if this is exclusive to writers (or other "creatives" as I have exactly the same problem with my craftwork) or do plumbers, electricians, nurses and shopkeepers find it difficult to get down to work? Once I've actually started, it's usually fine and the problem then is not wanting to stop.

Here are my top five tips for not getting distracted from starting to write. Let me know if you have any favourite ones that work for you.

1. Aim to start work within 90 minutes of getting out of bed.
2. Avoid working anywhere near a room that has a television and a comfy chair.
3. Don't check emails until you have done at least an hour's writing.
4. Keep the phone out of the work area unless you have to use it to make a call.
5. Remember that looking at other writers' websites and blogs doesn't count as writing!

Good luck with keeping your writing distractions at bay. I'm off now to stick a large note on the kitchen door that says "Procrastination is the thief of words". I'll let you know if it works.       


  1. Do you follow your own top tips religiously? I make all sorts of resolutions but find them impossible to keep. My own top tip would be to turn off the Internet connection (your no 5 touches on that). I am terrible about looking at websites of all kinds when I should be writing. I try to claim that it's research. Who am I kidding?

  2. No Vanessa, I don't, which is why it is well after midnight and I am still at my desk!